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In our household we see dating as the precurssor to marriage.

In fact they only person I claim to have ever dated was my husband and I was 29 when I met him. all the best, Susan I have a 13 year old and thankfully we aren't there YET but some of her friends are and some peers at her school are having sex already.

I have a former student, now in 8th grade that I found out is having sex with a 7th grade boy. It's doesn't help that other parents allow this which makes it hard to keep the standard age up where it should be-15-16-ish, imo. We attended different high schools, so then we went out with different people.. I was never going to get pregnant and if anyone had tried any shenanigans like that, I was out of there.. I only remember one time I ever came home late from a date, and she very calmly told the young man " J, I am very disappointed with you. I do not think I will ever be able to trust you again." He was devastated and worked really hard to gain her trust, but I knew it was over.

Uh, read the posts about a mom whose 14 year old is pregnant. I wasn't allowed to date until 16 and neither will my girls be. Later there was some kissing and flirting and light making out, but that was towards the end of high school. I had always thought you were a responsible person. Dating while under the eye of parents is the best way to keep things safe.

She would never admit it, but I think she knows we're not COMPLETELY unreasonable on this one!! Prior to that - I had "boyfriends" and we talked on the phone and went over to each other's houses for homework - doors were ALWAYS open and nothing was done in private. What you should do instead is invite a group of kids over to your house, fix them food, play music, have board games, Twister, etc. Be careful to look at any DVD's that a kid might bring to make sure you think it's appropriate- I had a problem with that, but my son is 18. I could go out on group dates at 14 and alone at 15.5.

:)T.: Make a compromise - if they want to go to a movie - JOIN THEM!! If you do this, she will feel like she has something fun to do with him, and you hold the cards. Let her give you death stares all she wants - 13 is too young to date. I really don't care if this is a "different time." I'm doing the same for my daughters.

Yes, I did go out on a few dates with other men, but that was it-- maybe one or two here and there over the years. We are on our knees a lot praying for her to keep her promise of purity till marriage.

But the only one I ever had a long term relationship with is my husband. I don't even think my husband was really dating our daughter's mother when he got her pregnant and we don't want something like that to happen to her. With that said, my childhood was a lot different, I was allowed to date and have boys over for a movie and go to movies, let me tell you, I got myself into a lot of trouble having a little freedom to date.

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I had a full time babysitting job 5 days a week, and he bussed tables, so weekends are when we got to see each other. Once we were freshmen in high school, we did get dropped off at the movies. or you can do what my parents did and lock her away from boys until she is old enough to run away, and then have a prego 15yr old... we cant tell them of the evils in the world without expecting them to be curious. try to talk to her like an 'adult' and explain your concerns.My 13 year old daughter has a boyfriend (i.e., they sit together at lunch at school and talk/text), She and a friend want to go to a movie on a double date this weekend.My husband and I said no, explaining that we believe 13 is too young to be going on dates.believe it or not, she will be more afraid to screw up if she knows you trust her than she will be if she knows you dont.I didn't read all the responses, but I thought I'd let you know what we are doing in our household.

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