Aaron sorkin who is he dating

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Undaunted, his next project would be the most Sorkin-ey, for better or worse, and earn him a name as one of the best American television writers in history.When he originally wrote The American President, the screenplay was a massive, overloaded 385-pages.While known for his smart stories of government and politics, he’s also written quite a bit about the media industry and television in particular.While his style can be polarizing, Sorkin is an undeniably brilliant writer, responsible for modern classics such as A Few Good Men, and recent hits like The Social Network.The high profile show features Jeff Daniels as heroic, truth-spewing nightly news anchor Will Mc Avoy.He and his staff at a fictional network relive actual, recent news events but through Sorkin’s lens of what an idealized, romanticized news outlet would have done.

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He wrote the Facebook CEO-skewering film The Social Network, which earned eight Oscar nominations and a best screenplay award for Sorkin.The very next year, Moneyball, adapted from the popular book of the same name, would nab Sorkin yet another Oscar nomination.And in 2012 he made a big return to television with the HBO series The Newsroom, this time taking on the media and TV news programs.The show earned Sorkin his reputation for a specific style of writing—fast-paced, witty, sarcastic and at times a bit condescending.Nothing exemplifies this style more than the “walk and talk” in which characters would walk briskly together down hallways, firing razor sharp lines at each other at near-superhuman pace.

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