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However, the most common thinking on "French Canada" would be associated with Québec which is the only province in Canada whose language remains officially and exclusively French.

(The rest of Canada remains bi-lingual.) It is necessary to understand a bit about Québec history in order to understand the political climate which dominates the culture and thinking of the Québecois.

He is the third longest-serving Prime Minister in Canadian history (behind William Lyon Mackenzie King and John A. Trudeau rose to prominence as a lawyer, intellectual, and activist in Quebec politics.

In addition, their rules for non-working days are different from the rest of Canada and reflect their long standing tradition of Roman Catholicism.

The official Holidays of Québéc are as follows: Other holidays include Thanksgiving, (which in Canada is celebrated the second Monday in October), New Year's, and of course Christmas and Easter.

Here are a few traditional favorites: The best way to succinctly describe the culture of French Canada is to say that it is a mixture of the locale and the best of French tradition.

Québec remains the epicenter of French culture in Canada and while the rest of the country is bi-lingual, it is one of the sole hold outs for the French language and the French Canadian way of life.

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