Consolidating municipal services problems with dating a lawyer

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Villages, cities, towns, and counties across the state are now facing some tough decisions.

(CBSNew York) — Tax relief is the goal, but how will it work?

In other parts of the state, it remains a concept openly opposed by some.

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Working together off the emergency scene is what non-fire folks (i.e.

Suffolk Shared Services Coordinator and former town supervisor Jon Kaiman says if the town can’t afford to provide services they currently do, then local unions will even lose out.

“I do believe you need to find a way to cut costs, but you don’t want to lose the identity of each community,” Suffolk taxpayer Karen Jans said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants mandated local government sharing resources to ease tax burdens that he claims could increase under new federal tax proposals.

Counties like Suffolk have until August 1st to create a plan that could reduce property taxes by consolidating government programs, pooling purchases, or sharing equipment.

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