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To test this theory, I went the other way around and created a date Time object for a day in each month and converted them to strings using the dd-MMM-yyyy format.For each month I got a shortened month name, except for November, where I got a full month name.As for interracial births, there is nothing wrong with having a mixed or biracial baby.Saying that it is “disgusting” puts a somewhat derogatory connotation on people who do have more than one race in their ethnicity.

This can include choking, being tied up, being subjected to candle wax, water sports, leashes, extreme sodomization, gagging, spanking, and verbal and physical abuse.Well, doesn’t BDSM fetishize and degrade people in general? The BDSM community typically invovles a dominant and submissive.Of course, the dominant partner is the one in control and the submissive partner must abide by all the rules of the dominant unless a “safe word” is used, telling the dominant that the submissive partner’s limits have been reached.People shouldn’t be fetishized based solely on their ethnicity, but just because that does happen to some based on their race doesn’t mean it happens or applies to everyone of that race.Not all black males are looked at as having a huge penis, not all white females are seen as being the freakiest in bed, not all Asians are seen as being submissive, not all white males are seen as being “twinks” and not all gay black males are looked at for their large butts.

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