Dating scams on chemistry com

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This is collectively called Nigerian Romance Scams - one of the various forms of Nigerian scams.A Dating Scam normally involves these steps: Step #1: The scammer posts an attractive photo (such as attractive professional models) and fake profile on a dating website.Except, when they do renew, it turns out that the person who wanted to contact them has disappeared.

Note that the scammers steal attractive photos from other websites, so these photos have nothing to do with these scammers.

Step #2: Mass message members with pre-written copy of message.

Step #3: In the message, the scammer normally shows interests in the victim's profile and asks if the victim wants to know more about the scammer.

I am not looking for perfection, just someone who is in touch with himself and is honest about what he wants in life.

My perfect match will totally get me: my sense of humor, occasional intensity, and quirky habits.

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