Sean flynn dating history

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Not that he did anything wrong — I mean, technically he did — but it's about split-second decisions. Greene had been a little too successful and perfect, and so John said, "We need to shake him up a little bit." That was my assignment: Shake up Dr. Wells: Lance pitched the fear of losing a mother or child or both in childbirth. All I knew before the script came in was that he was going to have the worst day a doctor could have. That was one of the great things about the show — the whole cast was one of the most professional casts I've been around my whole life. But I also know what was on television and I know I'm not objective, but there was nothing like it on television. I could not believe that Anthony didn't win and never won [for ]. That was a theme we dealt with several times, especially with Dr. John Wells (executive producer): The story for "Love's Labor Lost" came from a conversation we had with a series of ER physicians about their worst nightmares as an ER physician. I had never written a television show before in my life. I'm an emergency physician and I went to film school at USC. I worked as a technical advisor with the idea that if it went to series, I would be on the writing staff. Gentile: It actually happened — a successful version of that with a good outcome. Saturday night, 3 o'clock in the morning — he got a call to the OB ward. We actually shot the last scene of me on the train two months before we shot the episode. We don't know exactly what's gonna happen or how we'll do it, but at the end of the episode, you're gonna feel like you killed a mother." And he says, "OK," and gets on the train and delivers that. It was all about the work and not about, "We're the No. His mistake, what sparks the whole thing, is his hubris a little bit. I think when you're following someone who loves what they do, you relate to it.

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Flynn will serve as a warm body behind Ryan Fitzpatrick as the Jets wait on Geno Smith (jaw) to get healthy.

Leder: I don't think there was anything major that was cut. When we locked it, I felt we had created a moment in time that was very moving, harrowing and powerful. That night, I had worked until or 10, so I came home like three-quarters of the way through the show, and my wife was watching the show. If somebody didn't quite know who I was, somebody would say, "You remember that episode?

Edwards: We used to watch the episodes together at lunch on the Thursdays they aired. I didn't have my key or something and I was like, "Can you let me in?

I don't personally feel as a group anyone thought it was special. I always thought of myself as a poor man's Michael Crichton. You're very happy to be nominated and you're very surprised when you win. So you're used to losing and when I won, it was very frightening. It just sits on a bookshelf staring at the other Emmy for drama series [that the show won in 1996]. Gentile: My youngest son decided [the Emmy] needed something, so he took a Christmas star and put it on top of the wings.

You read a script and you go, "Oh, this looks good." I don't think anybody thought it would make television history.

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