Tivo schedule not updating

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As I was scrolling through the guide I noticed the guide updating as I scrolled through it.

The problem appears to be that the guide is not updating unless I manually scroll through it.

I have several series set-up to record on the DVR and noticed last night in my schedule that next weeks show is not scheduled to be recorded.

I went to the guide and scrolled to the date and time of the show and sure enough it was there and was a new episode so it should be in the DVR schedule.

During this time, you can watch any channels and use any play features (fast forward, rewind and pause).

However you can't set up any new recordings until the newly downloaded data for the On-Screen Guide has finished processing.

If your On-Screen Guide is out of date, you can connect your Ti Vo media device to the Ti Vo service for an update.

To do this, go to Ti Vo Central, then select Messages & Settings Connect to the Ti Vo Service Now. After any successful daily connection (whether manual or automatic), your Ti Vo media device will automatically schedule another connection within the next 48 hours.

If your cable provider is sending a technician to install your Cable CARD, please make sure you set up your new Ti Vo device and complete Guided Setup before the installer arrives.For example, the TSN of a Ti Vo Roamio Pro DVR will ALWAYS begin with 840.Your On-Screen Guide provides programme listing information up to 7 days ahead for most Free to air channels.Software updates are automatically downloaded to your Ti Vo device by the Ti Vo service as they become available.After the download, the device must restart to install the software.

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