Validating input output transformation

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Validating Army’s C4ISR system of systems model against real world data is extremely challenging.Ideally, comparing the model input-output transformations to corresponding input-output transformations for the real system is the perfect methodology for model / experimentation validation.If you change the metadata after the Script component generates the base code, your code may no longer compile because the updated base code may be incompatible with your code.The Script component uses Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) as the environment in which you write the scripts.

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The strategy should be to test at small scale and verify emulation testbed is producing results as expected – “crawl before walking”.Note If the Script component contains a script that tries to read the value of a column that is NULL, the Script component fails when you run the package.We recommend that your script use the Is Null method to determine whether the column is NULL before trying to read the column value.Followed by accurately replicating test architecture, operational data traffic and scenarios into emulation testbed which contains verified models. for details on Saxon 9.5 EE for instance and a tutorial like introduction (it is a bit old ,probably mentioning Saxon SA (for schema-aware) while these days Saxon EE is the version of Saxon providing schema-aware XSLT but I think it is a good introduction on the advantages and approach to write schema-aware transformations).

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