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He generated plenty of headlines in 2015 for protesting Sea World and its treatment of whales.

According to , Steve-O climbed a crane, reaching a height of 100 feet while rocking an inflatable orca inscribed with the phrase "Sea World Sucks." He also lit fireworks and was ultimately arrested for his antics.

Some other wrestlers have supported those claims, alleging that Cena had cheated numerous times on his wife and that he had boasted about it as well., 2012, the divorce was signed, sealed and delivered.

It’s likely that the prenup was honoured, even though Liz wanted to contend it.

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John and Nikki seem made for each other and are definitely going strong.

The classically handsome Knoxville, who broke his urethra and was required to use a catheter after emulating famed stunt cyclist Evil Knievel, has left the daredevil game behind.

Among his growing list of film credits: 2013's hilariously lowbrow The film nabbed a nod in the Best Makeup and Hairstyling category.

John cited irreconcilable differences, but what those were remains a bit of a mystery as he never clarified his reasons.

There were speculations that the remodelling his wife undertook on their home had not only become hugely expensive but completely out of hand.

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