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Welcome to my gossip page about who is famous and gay.Hollywood actors musicians and celebrities are checked out for signs of closet dwelling. Maybe we're barking up the wrong tree, and should be making a Danny website instead. I dont know why."Interviewer- "Dougie The Cute Cheeky One If there was a kiss and tell about you, what would it say? and did was not’ he already dating her, they have been dating for 6 years? “I didn’t shag her but we spent the night and had a fumble,” Judd said. We went far enough but not the full home run.” No Homerun for Harry I wonder what is violinist girlfriend Izzy Johnston thinks of him telling on his night with another woman, not so much of a gentleman, hah?Poynter served as a guest fashion writer for Fault Magazine during LCM in June 2016.He provided an insider's perspective with his recaps of Topman S/S 2017, Katy Eary S/S 2017, and Christopher Raeburn S/S 2017.Mc Fly heartthrob Harry Judd has opened up about his love life and revealed to Fabulous magazine that although he's very settled now he definitely had a wild side when he was younger.The multi-talented drummer, who is currently starring on BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing, explained that having a family is important to him and he hopes it's something that his future with girlfriend Izzy Johnston includes: "She is the only girl in the world for me," he gushed.

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He served as the lead writer for Mc Fly's seventh number-one hit single 2007's "Transylvania." He also wrote an unrecorded track called "Silence Is a Scary Sound." and One Direction (for the track "I Would" from the album Take Me Home and for the track "Don’t Forget Where You Belong" from the album Midnight Memories, respectively).His most notable editorial work includes the fashion film "At Full Tilt" for Vogue India (August 2014), A long-standing conservationist, Poynter is a strong environmental advocate who uses his social media pages as an influential platform to bring about change.In 2012, Poynter helped launch the World Wide Fund for Nature's (formerly World Wildlife Fund) mountain gorilla adoption program.Most of the info here is collected from around the web, so don't blame me... Summary: It would seem two members of Mc Fly are rumoured to be gay... It seems like Tom may not be, the blonde one with the square jaw. According to Dougie, in his song on stage at Liverpool Summer Pops, saturday, Danny is indeed a homosexual. We did a gay festival and there were lots of guys coming up to him, wolf whistling. He loves the attention"Interviewer- "It must be pretty satisfying to know that posters of you are plastered over bedrooms? But we all have massive egos anyway."Interviewer- "Danny The Mouthy One Do you gay club it a lot? If I didnt get Danny was in a gay club headline in the papers Id go to gay clubs all the time. "Dougie- "That Im lame in bed and that I have an incredibly small penis"Interviewer- "Are you just being modest?Dougie says Danny is gay and admits he likes to snog guys, and Danny says he would go to gay clubs all the time if wasn't for the press hassling him. Dougie from Mc Fly- "i wanna be in a porno movie" & "i snog guys"Interviewer- "The Careful One Danny says hes never had gay attention."Dougie- "He said what? "Danny- "You know, Ive never been to a gay club but I love Canal Street in Manchester. "Dougie- "Im actually bragging."Interviewer- "Harry The Playboy one What is your funniest fan moment?

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