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Here, a woman’s virtue is the cornerstone of life, and local people blame bad hijab and declining morals for everything from high inflation to unemployment.

Women live under constant risk of being branded loose for behaviour as anodyne as laughing too raucously or wearing the colour red.

And they are hungrier than ever for that which is not allowed.

There is a sexual awakening in Tehran, and it is spreading beyond the rich, northern foothills of the city, where the more liberal and secular families live.

University is one of the few spheres where people from all backgrounds get the chance to socialise.

Tahmineh credits her time at university as the experience that changed her perception of sex and morality.

Then at university, I saw that some couples went out with each other and didn’t try to hide it.

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Nobody knows how many work in the capital but, in a city of about 12 million, the official figure of 300,000 is thought to be a considerable underestimate.

For more than 30 years, the Islamic Republic has been obsessively battling against sex.

It is preoccupied by how and with whom its people are having it.

To the untrained eye, they are almost impossible to spot – sex workers look no different from other Tehranis standing on roadsides waiting to hail cabs and sauntering through shopping malls; girls in jeans and trainers; housewives in slacks holding fraying handbags; glamorous women with fake Chanel sunglasses perched on their heads.

It does not help that the porn star look is so popular in Tehran, with blonde-highlighted girls, complete with collagen-engorged lips and shiny Botox foreheads, grinding their six-inch platform stiletto heels into tarmac all over the city.

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